One Little Step at a Time – Gets You There

A few days ago I was sitting up front and center watching my son get blasted in the face with enough water to drown a person before he got to his feet and started barefooting.

Made my heart skip a few beats.

And as I was sitting right next to the boom, I caught every look on his face as he maneuvered as fast as possible into a much more comfortable standing position.

I laughed inside at what we go through in the name of fun.

But real life is often the same isn’t it?

Whenever I want to get from here to there (in work, relationships, or play) I have to take solid first steps at making it happen.

I think about where I want to end up.
Then I mentally trace my steps to get there.

And most of the time, when I give attention to the littlest details along the way…I arrive faster and in better shape than if I recklessly push through.

I’d like to say that as I get older, I’m becoming more thoughtful and attentive to what matters most…but sometimes I still get stuck racing forward, heedless of the people around me, and then I’m left with remorse and regret and begging for grace because I’ve done it yet again.

Push. Pull. Press. Repeat.

One of the sweetest parts of aging is that you lose your illusions about believing you have it all together (or that you know anything at all other than the need for forgiveness and grace.)

And…making u-turns to get back on track seems to come easier these days.

In any case, I firmly believe that all of our steps and missteps are used for a bigger purpose…they remind us that left to our own devices we’d never get anywhere close to where we really want to be.

There may be circumstances in this life, that God uses to keep bringing us back to him, looking for his grace. Jan Karon

Could Jan Karon be referring to our predilection for pushing into places and past people?

I wonder.


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