Out of My Element…and Loving It

I live near enough to Lake Erie where on some days I can smell the water, hear the waves crashing on shore, and on rare occasions, almost feel the mist drifting off the water’s edge into my kitchen window.

Although I live close enough to the lake to enjoy some of its benefits…I can’t do what I love most…walk on its sandy shores.

Given how little beach area there is around this portion of the lake, I hesitate to take my daily walk on the sandy shores because I feel like I’m encroaching on my neighbors’ already too skimpy property lines.

Which is why I’m willing (when invited) to make the twelve-plus hour drive to South Carolina to walk on the beaches there.

To be honest, I’m not a great car traveler. I’m sort of like the kids you see in commercials who sit in the backseat clamoring for updates every five minutes or so. I don’t say it out loud…I just think it…and when I start getting too uncomfortable trying to get comfortable…I envision myself walking along the ocean’s shores.




Just me and my thoughts and the sun, sand, waves lapping at my feet.

I could get used to living near the ocean if just for those daily morning walks.

I feel so “in” my element there.

There’s something otherworldly about the expansiveness of the ocean.

It’s so big.

Makes me feel small.
Puts me in my place.
Gives me proper perspective.

For some reason…the ocean’s existence brings me tremendous comfort.

I think it’s because it reminds me that the One who created it is mighty powerful indeed and that same power faithfully governs my meager comings and goings.

The ocean with all its glory serves to remind me that even when I’m feeling most out of my element (at home or on a distant shore,) I can rest easy as I rest in the knowledge that I’m not responsible for making things (big and little) work out in my life.

It is elemental…

Me = small
Ocean = big
Creator = bigger still


2 thoughts on “Out of My Element…and Loving It

  1. Like yourself, our recent family visit at the ocean’s edge in Jacksonville, always gives me pause because God made it only go so far. Agree, we are so small. It also is very peaceful to me. Thank you for writing.

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