What Man Needs Most — Silence and Peace

My son shot this photo at La Tourette and then placed this caption with the photo.

What man needs most — silence and peace…

I pondered that quote for a bit.

And then wanted to add to it.

What (wo)man needs most — silence and peace.

I like this better.

Looking at this beautiful and captivating photo…I felt both of these qualities.

Silence (can’t get enough of it.)
Peace (always want more of it.)

Silence and peace (the perfect combination.)

Silence to gather my thoughts (or make sense of them.)

Peace to calm my thoughts (or make sense of why it is alluding me.)

As I consider these two essential elements of a quality inner-life, I wonder why I so vehemently oppose both?


Because I often don’t like what I see (in myself) and it’s easier to stay distracted and busy and talking.

But according to a song lyric that’s been running through my head lately, “Only in the silence can we hear the plan…”

All around.


It does us good.


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