Beautiful Babies

Ali Anne Photography
Ali Anne Photography
I admit it. I’ve got babies on the brain.

Babies that are here.
Babies that are on the way

Babies, babies, babies.

Strange coming from a woman who never (ever) babysat a baby before she held her own child in her arms twenty-six years ago.

I was never one of those women who craved being around babies…who couldn’t wait to get married and have babies.

For awhile I thought I was missing the “gene” of all things maternal.

I remember being more than a little worried when I found out I was pregnant with my first child…wondering if all those mommy emotions and maternal instincts would automatically kick in once I delivered my oldest daughter.

I had no worries on that matter…as soon as I started showing…and felt her kick…I was done for.

My life changed forever.

I often think back to those early parenting years and much of it is a blur now…having four kids in a six year time span…I didn’t have a lot of empty moments to mull over life’s deeper meaning.

I was too busy attending to the physical and emotional needs of my children. And happy to do it.

Now that all my kids are grown up and are starting to have their own kids…it’s another strange reality.

And to be honest, when my oldest daughter first told me she was pregnant I was wondering if all my mothering instincts would re-ignite in the same fashion for her child?

No worries on that matter.

From the very first glance, my daughter’s son knit himself into my heart just as deeply as my own children’s did.

I think it is better the second time around…and not for the reason so many people suggest…that you don’t have primary responsibility for the next generation.

Rather…having given birth to and raised children once…you have a different perspective the second time around.

Every stage of life is just more precious…because you know how fleeting it is.


4 thoughts on “Beautiful Babies

  1. So true Shelly, The new love that overwhelms you along with the wisdom from your own experience makes it pure joy.

  2. SO excited for your family! Favorite line in your blog: “…as soon as I started showing… and felt her kick… I was done for.” Truth. 🙂

  3. Michele, you are so dead-on accurate! I love your honesty about not really being very interested in kids or babies until you had your own. I felt the same way! I also know what you mean about the intense depth of passion, protection and affection felt for grandbabies. I never imagined it–before I had my kids or grandkids. Just like the difference between hearing about God’s love and experiencing it first-hand. You just have to see for yourself!

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