Just Like a Man (said with the utmost affection)

Everybody assumes when a woman says, “Just like a man…” that she is going to say some disparaging remark about the male sex. Not me. Not here.

I’m merely making an observation about this little man (and every other man I know.)

Men love gadgets.
Men love electronics

Call it nurture, call it nature, call it made by design…every single guy I know loves to fiddle around with hardwired (or non-wired) objects.

Having raised three girls and then a son…I can tell you from first-hand experience that girls and boys are different from the inside out. And I love that fact.

I’d also sort of forgotten it until this little man entered the picture and from the time he was old enough to grab for something (it was almost always someone’s cell phone or another small electronic device.)

He had this unseen radar and whenever a text or call came in, he’d quickly point at wherever the sound arose from (most generally my pants pocket.) I was attempting the out of sight, out of mind principle…it didn’t work.

It was as though he was internally drawn to relating to this world of gadgetry.

Funny, isn’t it?

No one had to sit him down and explain the benefits of these little metal wizardry tools….he instinctively grabbed for them. Craved them. Seemingly wanted to figure them out and then master them.

Reminded me of this quote by Michael Gurian,

There is a biological tendency for men to seek a set of care objects that allow for brain rest and the pleasure of independent relationship without the stimulation of emotional conversation. A car is, not surprisingly, an object of choice for many men.

Well, that solves the great mystery of why men love their cars, doesn’t it?

A car (or a gadget) doesn’t ask a man how he’s feeling or why he’s so upset.

Good information to know.
Good insight to internalize

So next time any of us females feel inclined to shake our heads in puzzlement over the obvious obsessive call to handling an electronic anything…let’s remember women have their own internal calling devices, they just come packaged differently. 🙂

And looking at my favorite little man mesmerized by this child’s learning game…I’m thinking to myself, “If you can’t beat ’em…join ’em!”


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