I’m a Person First and a Patient Second — In That Order (Did you hear what I just said?)

When I opened my inbox there was a terrifically insightful selection of brief essays written by four medical professionals on the art (and importance) of listening well.

I clicked through each one and found these stories telling…in that each of these professionals (though specializing in different areas of medicine) shared a common insight….

Listening to people and their emotions matters.
Listening to people as patients concerned about their health matters

Listening. Period. Matters.

It’s no surprise to medical doctors and their staff that people arrive in their offices pretty beaten up (down) by their current physical condition. And though they require medical care…equally important is the emotional care they need.

And people equate feeling cared for emotionally by being listened to patiently.

Get that equation because it’s important.

People (patients) require physicians (and other attending staff) to listen.


And according to these interviews below…this type of RX listening is as valuable to a patient’s overall health as is any medical procedure or cure.

Just saying that people are people first and patients second.

Piece by piece (conversation by conversation) people can begin to heal.

How does a fallen world begin to heal? How do the shattered pieces get put back together to form a picture that is even more beautiful than it was to begin with? The answer: piece by piece. Jay Bilsborrow

Read more about Healthcare Provision and the Discipline of Listening or click through directly to the four vocational reflections from healthcare professionals:

On the Auscultation of the Heart by Dr. Ryan Buchholz
Are You Listening by Dr. Curt Thompson
Listening Is Not Hearing by Eden Garber
Listening in Medicine by Dr. Larry Bergstrom


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