Best Read Books Worldwide: How Many of These Best-sellers Have You Read?

I think this is a real interesting statement about what people value most.

Turn your head sideways to read the titles on these books (sorry about that…I think I’ve written on posture somewhere so that should take care of the crick in your neck when you’re done reading.) 🙂

If you take a quick accounting of the subject matter found in these titles you’ll notice a few things.

People value stories which take them out of their everyday lives.
People value faith which helps them make sense of life (and death.)
People value money which enables them to reduce their myriad forms of discomfort (at least for about five minutes.)
People value being inspired…which all of these books achieve to some degree or another

I’m looking around my office at my own bookshelves and doing an internal check on those books I’ve opted to keep, refer to, quote from, and dive into on occasion.

I’m no different from the “people” reading the books found on this graph.

I read stories for entertainment.
I read the Bible for meaning of life/death issues.
I read books about making money (almost caught you, didn’t I?)

Rather than read books on how to get rich….I work hard every day, give thanks for what I’ve been given, and leave the money-grubbers to their own devices.

I read, read, read…all of the above…for inspiration.

What do you read for?

Better question.

How does what you read change you?


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