I Endorse You!

I’ve been thinking a lot about endorsements lately.

With two new books coming out, I’ve been making two lists (and checking them twice!)

Gathering together a list(s) of people whom I’d love to read and then endorse my book(s) has been a happy task.


Because as I mentally compile this specific grouping of people, I’m considering why I want them to endorse my work —

Here’s why.

These are folks I respect.
These are people who mirror my values.
These are men and women whose work and lives I seek to emulate.
These are people who live out honor, integrity, other-mindedness (and it shows.)
These are individuals who “get” what I’m trying to accomplish.
These are people who are my friends and colleagues and when I think about them, I smile (inside and out.)

But what exactly is an “endorsement?”

I heard a speaker discuss this very topic of endorsement yesterday and he described it this way.

When we endorse someone we are making a statement (verbally or via the written word) that we publicly approve of them.

We are telling the world that we stand behind the person (their work, their words, their vision.)

Wow…what a responsibility.

Both to endorse and to be endorsed.

Because we’re all going to fail (daily, hourly, minute by minute.)

For that very reason, I’m always a bit afraid when I ask someone to endorse my work (which is really endorsing me.)

Because I know my weaknesses, my daily failings, and my often janked-up heart. It’s a messy business…endorsing someone.

It takes courage and a generous heart to do so.

I like this quote and think it sums it up nicely; this exchange between endorsing someone you know will fail (and will very likely fail you or the relationship at some point.)

Everyone deserves to be judged by their finest hour.”

I like this…I strive to live by this code.

But…I frequently fail. That’s when I remind myself that always, always, always….mercy triumphs over judgment.

And that is a principle I whole-heartedly endorse.


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