Best Mother’s Day EVER


This is NOT my son…(neither the little guy on the left or the big guy on the right.)

So why the photo?

Until recently, this picture has been my son’s FB cover photo…(and every mother’s nightmare come true…the one on the right…not the sweet little innocent on the left.)

Every time I’d click on over to see what my son’s been doing…I’d have to look at this photo and shudder.

I asked him why he chose it as his cover photo…is there some underlying secret message he’s trying to communicate? Something I need to be worried about?

Nope. My son just thinks it’s funny.

Okay. I can live with that.

Honestly though, I was so happy when he changed this photo to the scene he views when looking out his window in Istanbul. Beautiful. Safe. Comforting (to me as his mom.)

I have to say I’m really loving technology lately. One click and everything changes.

And I especially loved it last night when I was sitting out on my porch tweeting some links from my site when a bizarre (to me) message popped up on my iPad.

Incoming call?

Wonder of wonders, I see my son’s email address pop up and I hit “Accept” and then his face appeared!

That’s why it is called, FaceTime. 🙂

Then my face appeared too…only I was sitting there in living color inside a little box to the right and he was smiling, yawning (it was after 1:00am in Turkey) and rubbing his eyes.

Ah, the sacrifice he made (sleep) just to say hello to me before Mother’s Day!

We talked for about twenty minutes and with FaceTime there’s a bit of a lull in between speaking and hearing…but I figured it out soon enough.

I was able to get all the required “mom” details I needed about his trip thus far.


Then we said goodbye and clicked off.

He went back to bed.
I went into the kitchen to make dinner

And I couldn’t stop smiling.

When my son left six days ago…I thought seven weeks is a long time not to talk…or see him…and I was dreading it.

So what a treat it was to actually see him and hear him all in one fell swoop.

Made my day.

Made my Mother’s Day.

It’s the little things…it always is.

Best Mother’s Day EVER.


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