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Guest Post by Diane Markins – Women In High Def

A few months’ back my good friend, Diane Markins, asked me to read her new book and endorse it. What a privilege!

I “met” Diane about two years ago on FB when she generously offered to show me the ropes on book promoting via social media. Thank you, Diane!

This then “new friend” saved me countless hours and lots of missteps I would have had to endure during my social media learning curve.

How do you spell gratitude?

Because I am.

Grateful for Diane.
Grateful for her work.
Grateful for her approach to challenging women to be their best by embracing the “grace and grit” of life.

Grateful for FB too…never, ever, thought I’d say that!

Here’s what I wrote for an endorsement of her new book, Women in High Def: Boldly Living Your Purposes with Vibrant Clarity.”

Ever felt like your life has gone off course, out of focus, and watered down by mediocrity and apathy? I know I have. Which is why I am so grateful for Diane Markins’ new book, “Women in High Def” which addresses each of these pivotal life junctures with powerful reminders of how combining “grace and grit” makes all the difference. These two ingredients, “grace and grit” which are characteristic of Diane’s dynamic lifestyle of faith, will most certainly bring “higher definition and greater clarity” to everything you set your heart and mind toward achieving. Read it, reflect upon it, and be transformed.

I meant every word…but please don’t take my word for it…go to Amazon and order your own copy today.


2 thoughts on “Guest Post by Diane Markins – Women In High Def

  1. Michele, you’ve given more more in return than you could ever know. Your writing inspires and your faith is contagious. Thanks for encouraging me and supporting my book to reach more women.

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