She Would Cook — Time in the Kitchen Can Solve Any Problem

Esther's Orange Marmalade Cake

She moved from the window and walked quickly to the kitchen. She would do something that, if only for the briefest hour, had the power to solve everything, to offer certain and absolute consolation.

She would cook.
Jan Karon

I laughed out loud when I read this little three word quote in
A Common Life by Jan Karon.

I didn’t think anyone else did this…

And then I started thinking about the countless times when I’ve felt…


And…I’d head to the kitchennot to eat…but to cook.

For some odd reason, baking and cooking does it for me.

Relaxes me.
Calms me down.
Soothes my jangled nerves

It’s also a very productive way to relax.

Because everyone has to eat, right?

So today…because I’m not sure how some larger than life issues are going to work themselves out…and I’m done trying to figure out how they might turn out…I decided to call it a day and go cook to my heart’s content.

And while I’m dicing up vegetables, cooking the rice, simmering the sauce to pour over the chicken, I have this familiar feeling that lots of the earlier emotion of the day will subside as I get lost in the realm of moving through the motion of everyday things.

Cooking — my recipe to solving any problem.


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