Reading the Fine Print — Not Missing Out on Life

I love to read.
I hate reading the fine print

Because I have to read carefully (critically) as I review books for work…I tend to take a different approach to anything not work related.

I’m a skimmer.

When I pick up a magazine or a newspaper, I turn to the back page or cover and flip through both from back to front stopping briefly on any headline or photo that catches my eye.

Then, I do just the opposite. I thumb through both front to back, skimming the headlines for anything that catches my attention.


I don’t have time to read everything that comes across my desk or into my mail/paper box…so I skim over the non-essentials and look for the good stuff…information that is pertinent to my life.

I’ve always thought it was a great system…until someone asked me if I read a particular article and started quizzing me on the content.

I realized I didn’t read it closely enough to make any sensible or intelligible comments about the information therein. So…skimming has its limitations, I just didn’t see it before. That was my first clue.

My second clue came a few days later when I’d found I’d been doing a lot more skimming of late than I realized.

After I picked up two books at the library this week, I started thumbing through one…ack…I had requested a large print book! Horrors…I don’t need large print…I hate large print…I feel like I’m back in elementary school reading Dick and Jane word books and have this urge to start sounding out the words and reading aloud. Picture regressing.

It was bad enough that I wasn’t careful enough to read the fine print when I requested this book…now I have to suffer through it while being distracted that 1. I made a mistake 2. I am reminded that someday I will need large print. 3. I will someday revert back to sounding out basic words and syllables because my memory will be shot.

I couldn’t take it after about 30 pages…I put the book down and decided to request the same title in regular print. I could wait.

I opted instead for the second book…you guessed it…as soon as I opened it up I realized I made the same mistake twice…large print again! Head shaking. Groan.

Apparently, my mind as well as my reading ability are already shot.

There’s only one solution.

I have to slow down and pace myself.

I have to start reading the fine print…in written material and in life.

Think before I hit the “enter” key.
Pause before I reply back without considering the weight of my words.
Linger longer in the moment, even the difficult ones.
Stop long enough to read the fine print in each and every situation.

I might be surprised at how much I find out there that is pertinent to my life that I was missing.


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