The Friends Who Listen…

Ali Anne Photography

The friends who listen to us are the ones we move toward, and we want to sit in their radius. Karl Menninger

Don’t you love this quote?

I do.

I envision my closest friends huddled together sharing our struggles, sharing a laugh, sharing our hopes for the future.

Just sharing.

I think that’s the essential ingredient.

Listen well to what someone is saying (or not saying.)

And here’s the important part….


Allow some air-time to develop before responding.

Then answer back in such a way that the next time your friend has something to share…you’ll be the first person they’ll run toward.

The opposite is true as well.

When we don’t listen well…others will move away from us.

John Maxwell writes —

A funny thing happens when you don’t make a practice of listening to people. They find others who will. Anytime employees, spouses, colleagues, children, or friends no longer believe they are being listened to, they seek out people who will give them what they want. Sometimes the consequences can be disastrous; the end of a friendship, lack of authority at work, lessened parental influence, or the breakdown of a marriage.


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