Out of the Mouths of Drunks…with thanks to Heather Kopp

I really hope I won’t get into trouble here (taking the liberty of reposting another post)…but when I read Heather Kopp’s post this morning on her site, Sober Boots, I went back to her list several times…and kept answering the question she posed at the bottom.

Heather asked her readers, “Do any of these ideas resonate with you?”

Silently…I thought, yep, every one of them.

I don’t know if that admission makes me honest or pathetic (maybe both.) But as I read through her compilation of sayings she’s heard in recovery, I kept thinking about how each one of them weaves into our hearts and minds and often takes us on a journey we don’t want to go on…then we spend lots of time, energy, and effort…in recovery.

I could go on and on belaboring these points from my perspective…but I won’t. I’d much rather you go to Heather’s site and read the entire story from hers…she’s got a lot to say and has a beautiful way of expressing thoughts and sentiments many people are too afraid to say out loud.

Enough said…here is Heather’s list…feel free to agree or disagree all you want…but remember, as Heather says…we’re all beautifully broken people no matter where we land in the recovery process.

Ten Things I’ve Learned In the Rooms of Recovery

1. Expectations of others are premeditated resentments.

2. You can’t keep what you have unless you give it away.

3. God can do for me what I can’t do for myself—but first I have to give up trying.

4. In God’s hands our broken past can become our greatest asset.

5. We don’t need something to fill our emptiness, just the courage to leave it empty.

6. We can’t feel comfortable in every situation, but we can get more comfortable with being uncomfortable.

7. A problem is something we can change but won’t—or something we can’t change, but won’t accept.

8. Drama and crisis are usually optional.

9. Every problem has a spiritual solution.

10. What you think about me is none of my business.


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