Loss of Static versus Loss of Complacency

Earlier this week I read a book about transitions and the author made some excellent points about how life is always in “transition.”

Doesn’t matter if you are ten, twenty, forty, fifty, seventy, or eighty.

As people, we are always moving from one state to another…and as we do…lots of uncomfortable (and even dangerous) emotions materialize out of nowhere.

When we are moving into a new place, position, relationship…things get shaken up (generally from the inside out.)

What we once relied on to get us through often isn’t enough anymore.


The positive take on moving from a state of static is growth (whether we like it or not.)

The tricky part is that when transition arrives we have to come to terms with loss as its companion. It’s true…we can’t have it both ways.

We can sit tight wherever we are (and grow stagnant and old in body and mind.)

Or we can move into new seasons feeling lots of discomfort, ill-at-ease, and unsure of ourselves (but growing, stretching, and reaching for all life has to offer.)

Speaking as a person who hates change (and surprises) this is not an easy concept to swallow.

It feels dangerous to me.

I’d much rather make my to-do list and stick to it.

But I know that when I opt for safety and control over stepping out and going for it…I become a stick-in-the-mud complacent drudge.

Picture that in your mind’s eye!

I keep reminding myself that my very best days have been in direct correlation with my most “risky” (in the best possible sense of the word) moments.

I think it’s also true, “No pain, no gain.”

Honestly, the older I get, I see more danger surrounding complacency than any amount of moving out of our comfort zone choices.

Since life is anything but static…let’s move toward that which grows us, deepens us, and challenges us.

Because everyone knows complacency will kill you.


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