All in the Family — When Physicians’ Care Extends Across Generations

Recently, I caught the last few seconds of a television commercial (and we already know how I feel about these insidious in-home invasions) and I stopped to listen.

For once, it actually resonated with me.

There was an older doctor speaking to the parents of young children, exhorting the moms and dads to take care of themselves just like they are caring for their own youngsters.

This physician went on to say, “I was your doctor when you were children…now I’m treating your children…so stay healthy for them.”

Did this ever hit home.

All four of my children went to the same pediatrician all through their growing up years and today, my daughter is taking her son to this physician as well.

This is what I call multi-generational care.

Our relationship with our beloved doctor began over twenty-six years ago and is still going strong. I remember many a time taking my children into his office and after he was finished doing a well-child check or treating them for an illness/injury, we would turn the topic to his children. What a great benefit it was to me that my physician had children the same age as my own kids…we truly parented through each stage together (what a great comfort and consolation it was to me personally.)

Which brings me back to that television commercial and the connection I felt as this actor spoke to countless moms and dads with young children.

I realized yet again the benefit of pursuing long-term continuity (professionally and personally) with the people in my life.

Longevity is a big plus in every relationship.


Because people get to know your history (medical and personal.)
Because people get to know your habits (medical and personal.)
Because people get to know your hopes for the future (medical and personal.)

And when people know that much about you, they know you.

I can’t think of anything more important than feeling like someone you’re depending upon (medically and personally) knows me and knows me well.

There is a simple comfort in knowing you are being cared for as a person with unique history, habits, and hopes.

Longevity truly does extend beyond today’s cares and brings with it a promise of long-term investment and care that transcends time.

All in the family…all through the years.


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