Right on the Kisser — Those in Your Face Reminders

Ali Anne Photography
Driving home yesterday afternoon I heard a radio DJ tell a story about splurging on some Chanel lipstick for once (something she never does) and wouldn’t you know it, once she got home and put all her sheets into the washing machine…her splurge found its way into the machine as well.

We all know what happened.

Pink stained sheets. Lovely (said tongue-in-cheek.)
Empty lipstick tube. Sadness

She laughed…at herself and the situation…debating which loss she was more upset about…the pricey tube of lipstick or the sets of sheets (that will forever be a reminder of her simple mistake.)

Got me thinking about the mistakes I’ve made…and the visual reminders of those poor choices that seem to be in my face so to speak.

Sometimes, the repercussions of not-so-pretty decision-making aren’t as obvious as the look on someone’s face and other times they are…that glaringly obvious.

Rather than lament a poor choice forever, author Paul Tripp writes that it’s better to face our poor decisions (and their accompanying repercussions) face-first.

Make restitution as needed. Then, thank our wonderful memories because sometimes…remembering what we did and where those decisions took us…can help us avoid similar poor choices in the future.

And that, writes Tripp, is a good way to transform an ugly scenario into a picture perfect one.


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