What Big Eyes You Have! Looking at Life in Wonder(full)

Gigantic glasses on a little face.

Makes me smile.

We can imagine this little man is looking at life differently as he peers through these bigger than life shades (and probably can’t wait to rip them off.)

He’s sitting still (for the moment) and probably wondering why so many of the big people in his life have this unrelenting fascination with capturing him through the lens of a camera.

Still…my best guess is his little mind is still, well, wondering…why?

When he’s older, he’ll understand. Right now, it’s enough to get him to hold still long enough to capture a wonderful memory.

Looking at this photo reminded me of another practical way to look at life in wonder…and all it takes is a willingness to see the bigger picture.

For the last two months, I’ve been engaging in some heavy conversations about developing a hard-won discipline of gratitude.

It sounds so simple, so lightweight, so non-essential.

But just the opposite is true.

Honing an inner “thankfulness” default reaction to whatever happens is hard work and it’s a hard won battle to engage in every day…no matter what.

No matter what kind of day we’re having.
No matter how we feel.
No matter if someone disappoints or hurts us.
No matter what the weather.
No matter how many interruptions come our way.
No matter what kind of mood our friends, family or colleagues are in

No matter what.

The secret of looking at life wonder(full) doesn’t mean looking at life through rose-colored glasses (or oversized sunglasses.)

It’s learning to say “and give thanks” no matter what.

Matthew Henry, eighteenth century Puritan preacher wrote these words after being robbed.

Let me be thankful, first, because I was never robbed before; second, because although they took my purse, they did not take my life; third, because although they took my all, it was not much; and fourth, because it was I who was robbed, not I who robbed.

Now that’s the power gratitude has to open our eyes to all that is right in the world.


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