How Does Your Fear Bleed Out?

Bleeding out. It’s a medical term that I first heard explained to me many years ago when one of my good friends worked in the ER of a local hospital.

Bleeding out…it can happen suddenly and fast.
Bleeding out can kill a person before they get the help they need

While all precautions are taken to ensure patients don’t bleed out in the ER or (OR) it still happens.

When it does, it hurts those individuals who loved the person who bled out as well as those medical professionals who were in charge of caring for the patient.

That much I know from my friend’s reaction when it happened on her watch.

Bleeding out when it relates to the physical is bad.

Bleeding out when it relates to our emotions can be quite the opposite.

Let me explain.

One week ago today, I went to an appointment and received news I didn’t expect. In fact, as I sat opposite this nice doctor and he explained that both of my shoulders were unstable, I kept thinking, “This cannot be happening…again.”

I left his office and held it together (on the outside) but inside, my mind was already formulating a way to get out of the inevitable.

I kept telling myself I wasn’t going to cry…I was determined to remain stoic and just accept the news with good grace (and no emotional response.)

Well, that lofty intention lasted all of about fifteen minutes before stoicism gave way to a flood of tears.

If there was a way to “bleed out” through crying…I did it.

And the funny thing is…once I cried my tears and accepted the fact that this part of my journey toward stable health (and shoulders) wasn’t over…more bled out than emotion…my fear bled out too.

Lately, I’ve been lamenting the curse of being a middle-aged woman with all its accompanying hormonal shifts…but last Monday when I cried…I realized how glad I was to be a woman who could cry rather than a man who finds it a lot harder to express this uber cleansing emotional response.

Tears that flow as easily as the blood pumps through our veins give us life…emotional life.

They can renew and strengthen us in ways we don’t fully understand (and we all know that healthy people understand the vital connection between strong emotional and physical health.)

So…here’s to tears that help wash away our pain, disappointment, and fears while making us stronger for what’s ahead.


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