Serving from the Power Position (finding my strength in weakness)


Don’t we all want to feel strong, able, and powerful?

I do.

But until recently I would never have discovered this about myself.

Then, I stopped sleeping…started hurting in a new and continuous way…and struggled to feel what I once took for granted. Healthy.


More often than not, I feel a new awareness of —


Whenever I go through something new…I try to figure out why and then how to get back to my previous “normal“…and boy, have I been trying.

Trying this and trying that…researching this and researching that…but the bottom line is this…

This” uncomfortable place might be my new normal…so I better find a way to do the best I can, make the most of what I’ve got, and make peace with it.

I like what long-time diabetic sufferer, Randy Alcorn, writes about how we like to “choose” the way in which we “live” and “serve” others.

Through suffering we become powerless so that we might reach the powerless. We like to serve from the power position. We’d rather be healthy, wealthy, and wise as we minister to the sick, poor, and ignorant.

But…if we have little personal familiarity with suffering, the credibility gap makes it difficult to speak into others’ lives. Our suffering levels the playing field.

As a person who like to know and follow the rules (and values a level playing field)…I find this new season disconcerting to say the least.

And yet, I’m reminding myself that since life is always changing, none of us knows what is around the next corner (which can be a very good thing.)

Keeping hope alive and my faith intact is what will serve me best amidst hard days (and harder nights.)

Finding my strength in weakness…yep, it could happen.


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