The Little Ball of Hate Deep Inside My Neck

Earlier this week I saw my dentist and during the examination he pressed his thumb into the side of my neck. Hard.

Feel that?


That’s the “little ball of hate” and you have to work at diffusing it.

He continued, “every day work your hands over this nerve and try to knead out this area and your jaw will feel much better.” Promise.

That and wearing my bite guard 24/7. Sounds easy, right.

Believe me it’s not.

Though I’m complying with wearing the bite guard all day (every day) and through the night, I’m finding it much more difficult to locate that “little ball of hate” in my neck.

I work my fingers all over my neck muscles but I can’t seem to find the trigger point that my dentist had no problem locating.

Hmmm…reminds me of the trouble I sometimes have trying to locate (and diffuse) what’s really bothering me on the inside of my heart and mind.

Deep inside, I frequently have this “little ball of hate” swirling around and it’s set off by…

Nasty politics
Irresponsible Journalism
Exploitation of women and children
Media Sensationalism

To name a few.

In the same way I fumble around looking for the exact nerve that’s causing me pain, I struggle to find a way to diffuse my inner frustration with the larger “ills” of the world.

I know I can’t change everything, maybe not even a few things, but I can do one thing (a single small choice every single day) to make a difference.

Which is why I keep writing letters, keep making phone calls, and keep giving to organizations who “fight the good fight.”

I look at it this way. There are injustices in this world that I hate, hate, hate. But unless I’m willing to step out and speak up, that “little ball of hate” against injustice isn’t doing me or anyone else any good. I know the RX isn’t sitting around and feeling angry…it’s doing something.

Makes a difference. (In the world and inside of me.)

Speak up for the people who have no voice, for the rights of all the down-and-outers. Speak out for justice! Stand up for the poor and destitute!”


2 thoughts on “The Little Ball of Hate Deep Inside My Neck

  1. Amen. If we can all just do something, what a difference it will make. Though I sponsor 4 children in other countries, I also volunteer in my own back yard. Most of us have no idea how much people are hurting right in our own cities.

    1. Agreed. I think sometimes it’s easier to give to faraway causes (which is a good thing) but we forfeit the opportunity to help those closest to us (because seeing suffering up close forces us to feel another’s pain in a deeper way.) Confronting anyone’s hurt “up close” is painful…but a necessary part of making a difference. Thanks Kelly!

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