When Compliance is a Positive Prognosis

Lots of my friends own guns and they use them.

I’m not quite sure what sparked this sudden interest in purchasing firearms and learning how to use them with deadly accuracy, but I know I want one too.

Now let it be said that my friends number amongst the kindest, gentle-hearted people you’ll ever meet, so it’s sort of an enigma that they are so into their handguns.

Each of my friends is a real “straight shooter” so I have no worries that any of them would ever misuse their newly acquired fire power.

In fact, I rarely see any of them get fired-up unless it involves their health. Get this “straight” they are not fired up at their medical caregivers…rather they (and me) sometimes get fired up at how hard we work to stay fit and healthy (and it doesn’t seem to be enough anymore.)

Which got me thinking about recent visits to various medical doctors (for various medical issues) and I wondered if my physicians would consider me a compliant patient? I hope so.

Though I would never describe myself as passive, I do try hard to take myself out of my frame of reference and hear what my physicians have to say from their frame of reference. It can be hard to do because don’t most of us already have problems worked out in our heads before we step foot in a doctor’s office?

I know I do (and shame on me for thinking that simply because I can look up any number of illnesses, diseases, and conditions online…that I know as much or more than those who’ve spent years studying the human body.)

Speaking only for myself, I’ve decided I need to adopt a more compliant attitude (a student’s posture) when I next enter my physician’s office.

I know I’m blessed to have doctors who are “straight shooters” and who don’t mince words (they tell me the hard truth when I need to hear it) because…and this is important…they care.

So to say, “thank you” back to them…I need to listen well, ask questions as I need to for clarification, and comply with the outlined treatment plan.

If I want my own “health care” to work…then I have to be willing to “work with” those medical professionals I’ve placed myself under…knowing that keeping a conversation going in a mutually respectful way always moves toward a positive prognosis.


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