There’s a Labradoodle in My Future

There’s a Labradoodle in my future — and here’s why.

During a horrendous lightning storm last summer, power lines fell across our road. For hours upon hours, no one could get in or out (unless you had a boat that would transport you across the lake…which wouldn’t have been smart given the unpredictable weather.)

So as we waited for the power company to arrive, lines of cars began piling up and back toward the marinas (and up to the lake.)

When evening came and still no work crew arrived, some of our family had friends pick them up far down the street…all they had to do was walk through the ‘danger zone’…it was one of those twilight-zone feelings saying goodbye to my kids and parents while being stuck myself…one of those moments when inside you’re thinking, “Take me too!!!”

As I walked back to our house, I noticed one car in particular parked in front of our home. It had a kayak on the top and a beautiful cocoa colored dog inside. I took note that this car had been sitting for hours with its owner at the wheel hoping against hope she would be able to leave and get on her way.

Once I spotted the dog, I thought, this poor creature has been sitting inside a car for hours too…so I stopped and offered our house to the gal and water to the dog. The woman was so weary and anxious because she didn’t know anyone on our street and she had intended only a quick turnaround trip from Ann Arbor (and the dog in her backseat wasn’t hers…she was dog-sitting!)

We talked a bit and the woman did come into our house and we gave her a big bowl filled with water for the dog…but what I marveled at was —

1. How beautiful this dog was…I had never been up close to a Labradoodle before.
2. How well-behaved he was…he sat like a real gentleman in the backseat of this small vehicle for hours (without a fuss.) Impressive.
3. How great an indoor companion he would make (unlike our spastic too energetic outdoor Labrador Retrievers.)

Now that my kids are mostly gone and since I work mostly at home (and alone)…I’ve been thinking…and thinking some more…for the first time in my adult life I’d like to get a dog (inside the house.)

And since last summer…I’ve been absolutely charmed by Labradoodles.

I can just picture it…a beautiful silky haired (non shedding) pooch sitting at my feet as I type away (and looking up at me adoringly…yes, my imagination is fully functioning)…makes my heart happy just thinking about it.


2 thoughts on “There’s a Labradoodle in My Future

  1. My sister is a new owner of a Labradoodle, and she adores him! She actually adopted him at her local dog pound. Its owners we’re moving and couldn’t take him with him. Their loss was certainly her gain!

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