A “Sick Day” First Aid Kit

Lots of people have first aid kits in their bathrooms (I have several…a couple are missing a few essentials while another has extras just in case.)

What I don’t think many folks have is a “sick day” first aid kit.

You know, everything you need to make feeling awful less painful.

And this weekend, when I woke up feeling miserable, I used what little energy I had to gather those “first-aid essentials” that always help me feel better as I recover.

First things first

Drink hot tea (I never drink hot tea unless I’m sick.)

Eat toast (Burn it some, slather with butter…and if you can stomach it…add a tad of peanut butter.)

Stay in your pajamas (but put a cozy sweatshirt over them and don’t forget extra warm socks and slippers.)

Pull out your fluffiest pillow and at least one fleece blanket and take possession of the couch (one full entire side might be enough…maybe.)

Turn on the television and here’s where it gets tricky and some pre-planning comes in handy…(choose a film that lifts your spirits, makes you smile, and gives you hope.)

Nothing too heavy. No absolute downer movies allowed in this kit.

May I suggest?

The Help
The Dream Cast version of Les Miz

That’s it.

Simple. Stress-free. Healing. Restorative.

(And note…not one item from a pharmacy required.)


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