Slouching Is Hazardous to Your Health
When I hear the word “slouch,” I think of someone who is lazy…unwilling to get their hands dirty and work hard. I envision someone leaning against a wall and aimlessly looking around at others busy at the work at hand.

Sloppy, unkempt, indifferent, and simply not caring about life and how their actions affect others: these are the mental images I relate to slouch(ing.)

Not a pretty picture.

I realized that while I’m not a slouch when it comes to working hard, my posture doesn’t always line up with my work ethic.

Sometimes after long hours sitting at the computer, I find myself hunched over tapping at the keys as fast as I can with no thought to my posture. It doesn’t necessarily feel good…it’s just a bad habit.

Imagine my surprise when I read about how our posture affects how efficient our internal organs can function.

How I sit, stand, and move around matters…for more than being mistaken as a slouch…far more.

Poor posture and its effects on the body —

As the body slouches forward the spine compensates for the unbalance by curving the pelvis or tailbone under, rounding the lower back. This is the beginning of a whole new series of complex problems. In a slouched position, the stomach muscles instinctively relax. When an accordion squeezes, the space is reduced and when it pulls out the space is increased. What happens to the torso is similar to what happens to the accordion. When the space intended for the stomach, kidneys, liver, intestines is reduced in size, they have to find an alternative space. The only direction to go is forward, forcing the stomach to protrude excessively. In addition, the organs are squished awkwardly incapable of functioning efficiently.

The list of possible complications caused by this aspect of poor posture can be itemized organ by organ.

* The stomach: experiences digestive complications
* The intestines: constipation
* The kidneys & liver: limited circulation poor eliminations of toxins

Miranda Esmonde-White
Classical Stretch: The Esmonde Technique


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