One Size Fits All (When You’re Walking Through Life with People You Love)

Ali Anne Photography
I’ve never quite understood the phrase “one size fits all” …because it doesn’t.

At least not when it comes to shoes that fit (or are fit for walking through life in.)

Ali Anne Photography

People (like shoes) come in all shapes and sizes and want their clothes…and their shoes to fit differently (to outfit them to where they are going.)

The only parallel I can draw from this saying is that it’s true about walking through life with people you love.

One size does fit all

When you care about someone, the differences shrink to miniscule shapes and sizes.

And friends and family find ways to bridge the gaps that do exist (because they understand that we all rely on others to “make up the difference” in ways we are lacking.)

One size does fit all (and that should put a spring in anyone’s step.)


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