How Does Your Worldview Read?

I’ve shared Ella’s story before about how this lively little gal continues to amaze everyone who knows her with her unquenchable spirit and zest for life. In this photo, Ella’s fingers are “reading” her Braille reader.

Exciting because we can all remember how learning to read opened up a whole new world for us (and takes us through our entire lives.)

Once we master this essential life skill…our worldview changes and develops in earnest.

Did you know…

The English word “worldview” borrows its meaning from a German idea found in the word Weltanschauung (Welt = world; Anschauung = view or outlook). In both languages it means the same: the broad framework or set of values and principles by which one interprets life’s experiences. Whether defined or not, everyone has a worldview – a way of understanding life, a perspective that governs one’s mind, will, and emotions.” David Jeremiah

Whether we like it or not…we live our life according to the worldview we hold.

This realization can be as exciting opening a book for the very first time and devouring it on our own. If we keep our skills sharp, it only gets better as we grow. If we become lazy (by letting others think for us) then everything goes hazy and unfocused.

And we all know folks whose lives have gone stranger than fiction through simple neglect — not the way I want my life to read.


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