Watch Whose Toes You’re Stepping On

Going barefoot always feels good because you can only do so when several key factors are in play.

The weather is warm.
The weather is warm.
The weather is warm.

Anytime, anywhere, it always makes me feel happy to slip off those cumbersome shoes and socks to stretch and relax.

The only thing you have to watch out for is not stepping on someone else’s toes.

I wish this same adage held true when we sit in front of the television just wanting to relax after a long work day.

But more and more, I find myself tensing up, half-expecting to feel assaulted in my own living room (and I’m watching “G” rated programs) or so they say.

I think it’s clear to everyone that if you watch an “R” rated movie, you’ll know what to expect. If you choose a “PG-13” movie, you know what to expect.

So why when I choose a television program that is rated “G” for everyone (little children included) do the producers decide it’s perfectly fine to throw in the equivalent of an adult strip club act (or worse) right in the middle? Or during a commercial break? Or, what’s worse…at the very end of an otherwise terrific season of viewing?

All I know is, I get angry when I take the time to evaluate what I watch ahead of time and some nameless producer or advertising executive decides they know more about what constitutes complying with the rating they’ve been given than those who created the system by which it’s governed.

Every time it happens I feel like someone has insulted my intelligence and would like to pretend what they just put on the screen was an “Oops…sorry, our mistake…won’t happen again.”

But we all know better.

They’re pushing their agenda.
Pushing their product.
Pushing their values.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like being pushed (especially in my own home.)

Getting run over by someone physically hurts us. Getting run over mentally and emotionally does the same (or more damage.)

Bodies heal but images never leave the mind.

I would like to think that those who create television have enough respect for their viewers that they adhere to their rating guidelines but I don’t think that’s happening…at least not this season.


4 thoughts on “Watch Whose Toes You’re Stepping On

  1. Keeping my children away from offensive viewing is practically impossible! Rather than attempting to protect them, my best hope as a parent is to begin teaching them how to evaluate what they see or read. My boys recently saw a film that seemed to make a compelling case for marijuana use. I sent them on a fact checking expedition; they weren’t convinced that abstaining is the best policy, but they at least came to realize that the video they’d seen was a highly slanted propoganda piece. My youngest just created a video commercial of his own with the theme “You can’t believe everything you see on TV.” A small glimmer of hope. The disturbing moral, more accurately immoral, messages are so insideous that parents often feel like the little boy with his finger in the dike trying to hold back the sea.

    1. Mary Ellen,
      I applaud you for getting your boys to engage in some critical thinking…which will serve them well for a lifetime! My four kids are now young adults and I spent many an hour combating unhealthy messages that they were confronted via the television, online, in grocery store lines…music…you name it. Now that they’re on their own nothing makes me feel prouder than when I quietly observe my daughters coaching other young women to not accept media’s take on worth being based on outward appearance. Or when I watch my son treat women (young and old) with great dignity and respect. I really believe that as we build our family…we build society.

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