Significant Events Often Hinge on Small Kindnesses

Kelly Fitzgerald Bowron Photo

It really is the little things that make the most difference in our lives.

The first cup of coffee of the day.
The grocery store line you speed through fast.
The lights you make on the way home.
The first bite of a luscious dessert.
The phone call from a friend you’ve been missing.
The aroma of a fragrant candle wafting through the house.
The chubby fingers of a toddler reaching for yours.
The last rays of sun peeking over the horizon (or a barn.)

All these “little things” warm my heart.

And so do the people who help make them happen.

If we’re honest, none of us has gotten where we are without the generosity of others. Each of us stands where we are today because someone (or a lot of someones) said yes to our requests for help (or better yet, they stepped in without being asked.)

I know I often forget that everything I have (and have been able to do) is because of someone’s else’s kindness toward me.

Recognizing that makes me feel grateful (and humbled.)

It also makes me want to offer the same goodwill toward others.

I think it’s worth reminding ourselves despite the fact that we worked hard, studied long hours, sacrificed to get where we are now, it almost certainly happened because others saw some spark of ability, potential, or progress in us and extended small kindnesses our way to help us.

As I look back, I can piece together a long, long string of seemingly small kindnesses that have added up to significant life change for me.

I like that adage, “It only takes a spark to get a fire going…”

Sometimes all any of us need on any given day is a little “spark” from someone we care about and respect.

Today, I’m asking myself who could benefit from

Me offering someone a cup of coffee?
Me standing aside and allowing another to go ahead of me in line?
Me driving a little more slowly?
Me placing the last piece of chocolate in front of my friend?
Me taking the time to make that call?
Me lighting that candle instead of saving it for a special occasion?
Me getting down on the floor so a child doesn’t have to reach up?
Me asking a family member to go outside to watch the sun set?

I know one thing…in doing the little things, my days are significantly richer.


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