Language of Medicine? Mine is Friends + Chocolate

My daughter is taking a Language of Medicine class and I’m loving every minute of it.

Almost every night she comes home and tells me what she’s learning…fascinating stuff.

And then she lets me read her textbook…even better.

I’m learning how all these technical sounding medical terms came to be formed. There really is a method behind the seemingly mad terms assigned to every illness, disease, and medical phrase.

Now that I’m understanding the code behind the terminology, the medical language is making sense to me.

Made me realize how important it is to understand the formula and foundation for truly understanding (and curing) what’s ailing me (or someone I love.) Speaking someone’s language, in terms they understand and value, matters (and takes time and effort to decode.)

I also made another discovery…every person has their own language of medicine…or in other words…remedies that heal their broken hearts, discouraged minds, and weary bodies.

Mine is twofold.

1. A good long (face to face) conversation with a friend.
2. A handful of Dark Chocolate Covered Mint Espresso Beans.

Both speak my language and both cure whatever it is that ails me.

Do you know yours?


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