Pathology — The Precursor to Aging? Say It Isn’t So…

A while back it was brought to my attention (by someone who knows) that there appears to be ample “pathology” occurring in females between the ages of 40 and 60 years.

I am smack dab in the middle of this “pathological phenomena“…which got me thinking about why this jump in the “pathological” happens. Is pathology the precursor to aging? And does it have to be so?

Running through my mind whenever I hear something rather disconcerting are two things: why is this true? and how can I avoid it?

My female intuition tells me the culprit of age-related pathology is our continually shifting hormones…… least that is where I would prefer to settle the blame on these unsettling, often abrupt midlife changes that make women feel like they’re going to climb out of their tree (literally and figuratively.)

I know from personal experience that lack of sleep (on a regular, ongoing basis) is my number one complaint because not feeling well-rested can make me feel, well…pathological. Just saying.

Knowing that I have to fight against these unhealthy aging tendencies makes me uncomfortable. Who wants to feel they have to police themselves 24/7 for fear their body is taking over their mind which affects what they say and do?

My heartfelt desire is to simply age well. Age gracefully. Age in a manner that doesn’t frighten small children (or adults.)

So, I had better get used to feeling uncomfortable in lots of ways I’ve never had to before…but before I take that leap…perhaps defining pathology might help me understand it better (and make me feel a bit more hopeful about the path-of-life I’m on as the precursor to possibility.)

pa·thol·o·gy (p-thl-j)

Can you say it?

n. pl. pa·thol·o·gies

Do you know what it is?

1. The scientific study of the nature of disease and its causes, processes, development, and consequences. Also called pathobiology (does this infer our bodies take a path of their own choosing?)
2. The anatomic or functional manifestations of a disease. (the pathology of getting older.)
3. A departure or deviation from a normal condition. (what is normal anyway?)

Can you recognize it in others (in yourself)?

Not yet?

Me either.


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