“O” Positive (or not)

Last month I gave blood for the first time in a long time.

It had been such a long stretch between “giving” that I couldn’t remember if I was O Positive or O Negative. (Ironically, I wondered if the people who know me best would know the difference either?)

When I received my shiny red donor card emblazoned with “O” Positive right under my name, I sort of laughed. Because I know better. More often than not, I am not “O” so positive. Rather, I am “O” so negative.

I could blame it on the type of work I do because reviewers have to see manuscripts with a critical eye in order to “review” them accurately.

But I shouldn’t allow my ability to read a text with a critical eye to spill over into my life…but I do.

So, whether I want to call it another New Year’s resolution or not…I am determined to begin my day giving thanks for what I have and look at every new day embracing an “O” Positive attitude.

And another thing…giving blood regularly is a positive step in the right direction too. Here are some interesting facts I learned after giving some of mine.

* Blood donations save up to three lives.
* Only 30% of first-time donors come back a second time.
* Often blood supplies are just 2 days away from running out.
* Every day in the U.S., over 39,000 donations are needed.
* More than 1/2 of the blood needed nationwide is Type O.
* Visit or call 1-800-RED-CROSS to schedule your next donation


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