Hold Your Breath — And Smile

Underwater photos can be so revealing.

They tell you who feels comfortable opening their eyes (and smiling) without fear of drinking in the liquid stuff. It’s obvious to onlookers who’s struggling and who isn’t (isn’t it?)

Looking at this photo reminded me of how much I’ve been holding my breath lately (and trying to smile through the rough times.)

News of another job loss (or the failure to get another position.)
Word of a friend’s cancer diagnosis.
Hearing about a friend’s parents who are on the steep decline as they age.
Friends (or family) who are fighting it out.

Seems like the holidays don’t always bring tidings of comfort and joy.

On the one hand, I want to enjoy the season and breathe in deeply all the good it has to offer, remembering why we celebrate in the first place. Appreciating time spent with people we love in an atmosphere conducive to relaxing and reconnecting.

But the truth is, holidays seem to make me grit my teeth more than make me grin. Normally, post-any-holiday, I feel I have barely survived them…

So, one of my resolutions for this coming year is to find a way (any way) to lessen the stress, reduce my commitments, and simplify the season.

I don’t want to struggle to smile through the holidays. Instead, I want my outward reactions to reflect from a well of deeply drawn inner contentment and peace (and it may take me a full year to get there.)


2 thoughts on “Hold Your Breath — And Smile

  1. Love this post. And it’s such a fun point. I think I’m the one on the right, though… I tend to resist when I should really open my eyes. I love your blog. And I have to thank you for liking mine this morning. I’m fairly new to blogging and every little encouragement helps. I’m going to keep following your blog. H

    1. I’m the one on the right too! Trying to remedy that…appreciated your post and related to it on a number of levels Heather…keep on writing, I’ll keep on reading. 🙂

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