Children lighten labors…and so do their children

Ran across this quote about a year ago…

Children Lighten Labors…” Anonymous

Ali Anne Photography
Ali Anne Photography
And though the past twelve months have been filled with high-highs and low-lows…one constant has been the joy I experience as I’ve watched our little guy grow and change (and constantly keep us entertained.)

It’s really true. Children (and their children) do lighten labors.

They give perspective…that life is always changing.
They give pleasure…just being in their presence.
They give purpose…living life right alongside them.

Children frequently are the agents that deliver the profound…just by being in their company and observing them change and grow.

I am looking forward to seeing how they continue to change and grow in 2012 and how I’ll change too…because of them.


One thought on “Children lighten labors…and so do their children

  1. Michele,
    Your observation holds such a deep truth. My life has been so enriched by having children…but now the fresh and joy-filled experience of having grandbabies is a marvel that lightens every day for me.

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