A Rich Inheritance — Changing As We Grow (Up and Older)

When I first saw this photo I couldn’t believe how much hair this little guy has and thought to myself, “He didn’t inherit that from me…”

In under a year, his hair has been cut more times than I can remember…thick, dark, with a slight curl…the kind of hair most women long to have but most don’t.

Made me think about what other traits (those you can see and those you can’t) that our beloved little man inherited?

As with most people, we’re interesting combinations of our parents (and our extended families)…and we often get more “interesting” as we age.

There’s something about watching babies and young children grow that get old(er) people thinking about how fast change happens. How dramatically everyone’s life changes when even one new person enters their lives.

I’d like to think that as we watch little people grow up and older, we are growing right along with them (growing up where we need to change) and growing (wiser and more caring as we get older.)

Some virtues we inherit naturally and others we have to work toward attaining.


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