The Last Laugh — Remembering How Good It Feels

Last week I watched a movie where the main character suddenly started laughing…uproariouly…joyfully…that deep from her insides kind of laugh.

Once she stopped, she commented that she couldn’t remember the last time she’d laughed. Really laughed.

I sat there thinking about the last time I’d laughed that hard.


Nothing came immediately to mind. And that thought is enough to make anyone cry.

So I started looking through old photos trying to recall some experiences that had me doubled over in laughter. I found one.

It’s not too recent (but it still makes me smile…so it still counts.)

About a year and a half ago, I traveled up North for a friend’s daughter’s wedding and while there my kids and I trekked up and down the sand dunes each day. On the first afternoon, that first hill about killed me (not because it was arduously steep and not because I am not used to climbing “steep” anymore)…it was because my kids were making me laugh.

I was laughing so hard for so long I could barely catch my breath (and did it ever feel good.)

While two kids cheered me on from the top and third from behind, a fourth decided to capture my uphill movement on video (so we have documented that yes, mom can make it to the top…and yes, she looks pretty funny getting there.)

But what a memory!

And with a year that’s been filled with “heavy” I’m ready for “light.”

So I’ve decided that despite grim circumstances that are circling around people I love, I am going to “make light” of more by laughing more.

In order to laugh more freely, more fully, more frequently…I know I need to follow these steps.

1. Surround myself with people who know how to laugh (or make more friends with those who do.)
2. Look for the comical in every situation (because it’s hidden somewhere.)
3. Read more books by humorists.
4. Watch more comedies.
5. Think then speak positively (and smile even when I’m not feeling it.)
6. Learn to laugh at myself more when I fail (this step alone will provide lots of opportunity to practice.)

This list, I think, is a good starting (and middle and ending) place.


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