Navigating Through Life’s Obstacles to Get Where You Want to Be

As I listened to Lauren De Paula (a young gal with amazing vocal talent) share her passion for pursuing her passion (becoming a singer by vocation), I felt her energy, her drive, and her focus. Inside, I was applauding her (and rooting for her to succeed).

So, when I saw this cool announcement of her new song, I was so excited that even now, months after our conversation, her enthusiasm hasn’t dimmed. She’s definitely going for her dreams.

Despite the odds.
Despite the obstacles

In spite of them, in fact, Lauren is tenaciously making her mark.

That attitude alone is a success story.

I’m confident that Lauren would tell us that her dreams are coming true because she has won over the support of many other influential people who see her potential and are guiding Lauren (navigating her) through the highly competitive music industry world.

Like Lauren, every one of us needs our own personal navigator. We might call them mentors, bosses, professors, employers, or even friends…no matter what name they go by…we all need someone in our corner who’s a bit farther down the road than we are.

We also need to function as a navigator for someone who’s not quite where we are now. One of the key responsibilities of a good navigator is to see far enough ahead to help someone stay on task for the long haul (by helping them achieve smaller steps along the way).

John Maxwell tells would-be navigators how to help people stay on course by —

Teaching them not to listen to doubting critics.
Coaching them not to be overwhelmed by challenges.
Encouraging them to seek simple solutions.
Instilling confidence in them.

Maxwell believes that if navigators will reach out to those they can help with the four principles cited above, they will not only experience the personal satisfaction of having helped another person achieve their goals, they will make friends of those individuals (and friends are the very best commodities, always).

Assist people during their darkest hours, you will make them friends for life.


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