Activating Our Internal GPS to Navigate to Higher Levels with Others

I often walk this straight path to reach another more interesting one.

Although you can’t see it from this position, right around the next corner the entire path starts taking some definite turns. Once I reach the wooded area, it gets even better.

Around and around the footpath winds through a variety of trees, colorful brush, and way over my head water-loving cattails and towering Phragmites that will stop me in my tracks if they’re not kept under control and trimmed back.

Even though I’ve walked this route for many years, I never know what I might encounter on any given day. Some days I’m pleasantly surprised, other days I’m startled and unnerved (sort of like trying to connect with other people.)

Just as we all have to get through one path to reach another (we also must find ways to connect in basic ways before moving toward a deeper level of trust and cooperativeness with the individuals in our lives.)

This is where folks need to turn on their internal GPS to navigate toward these more rewarding higher levels.

John Maxwell writes —

In order for people to willingly go along with you (your plan) you have to do several things.

You have to find out where they are, move toward them to make contact, and connect with them. If you can do that successfully, you can take them to new heights in your relationship and in their development. Remember, the road to the next level is always uphill, and people need help to make it to that higher level.

Maxwell shares there are nine basic steps of navigation when looking to deepen communication with people.

1. Don’t take people for granted.
2. Possess a make-a-difference mind-set.
3. Initiate movement toward them.
4. Look for common ground.
5. Recognize and respect differences in personality.
6. Find the key to others’ lives.
7. Communicate from the heart.
8. Share common experiences.
9. Once connected, move forward.

Always remember that you have to share yourself before you try to share the journey.


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