Make My Day (Meeting) – Make Me Laugh

One look at this photo and one word comes to mind.

Bored. (And that’s not funny.)

While there are times when we feel bored or can hardly wait to move to the next thing…one of the hardest places to experience boredom is in the boardroom.

Meetings are part of everyone’s work environment and most of them contain some amount of dull information.

So what does a smart professional do (note I didn’t say a smart aleck?)

Speaker Sam Glenn says everyone needs to learn how to insert some element of humor into every conversation, interaction, meeting.


Glenn is convinced that lots of positives begin happening when employers and employees take getting a laugh seriously.

Here’s just a few of the benefits of saving your colleagues from what Glenn terms, “terminal professionalism.”

Humor – according to Glenn

Creates positive human connection.
Lightens up meetings.
Creates an attitude that makes a person more likable.
Causes people to enjoy what they do more.
Opens the door to a prospective client.
Helps people become more resilient in challenging situations.
Develops indivdiuals’ self-confidence.

What’s not to love?

Glenn also offers a four-step process to get you (and those around you) started on the path to becoming a fun(ny) person.

1. Make the choice to lighten up.
2. Practice.
3. Stay around people who laugh.
4. Collect humorous material.


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