Getting Lost in IKEA — Where There’s Always More to Choose

Shopping at the IKEA store is the ultimate “big box” shopping experience. In fact, it is so big that I felt a brief moment of panic when I found myself separated from my son (he’s twenty…years…not months old.)

I could envision the service desk intercom issuing a request, “Will the son of Michele Howe please come to the Lost and Found area immediately and retrieve your mother?”

That’s how big this place is and how small I felt.

Amidst all those products, colors, sizes, styles, and choices…it was too much.

Way too much.

I kept thinking about how blessed we are to have these choices in America. Then, I thought again.

Are we?

There’s many a time when I’ve walked through the grocery store and stood in front of what felt like a thousand different kinds of bread, or produce, or chips, or even ice cream, and I felt depleted and unable to decide.

I would have loved for a hand to just reach out and toss one of each into my cart so I could get on my way without having to choose.

Instead of making me feel free and happy about having such choices…I most often feel confined.

Who are we to “need” this much? And what does it say about us as a people?

I think author Will Samson says it best in his fine book, Enough: Contentment in an Age of Excess.

Lifestyle diseases – what are they? Simply put, lifestyle diseases are those diseases caused by the way in which we live our life. Perhaps lifestyle disease is communicable. You catch it through prosperity.”


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