You “is” Because I Said So…

You is kind.

You is smart.

You is important.

Once you hear these words spoken by Aibileen to Mae Mobley (and similar words by Constantine to Skeeter) in The Help (and hear them repeated throughout the film and the book), the message gets through.

Our words matter. They count.

I like how author/speaker/counselor, Paul Tripp puts it.

Talk is not cheap because interpretation is not cheap. The way we interpret life determines how we will respond to it.”

Our words, especially when spoken to children, especially then, need to be laced with intentionality and kindness. Our words must be responsible (because how and what we say changes, forms, influences, and directs people.)

Because what we “is” is in somewhat framed by what others have said to us…

Here’s an excerpt from Tripp’s book, War of Words.

The most powerful way we influence each other is through words, which encourage, rebuke, explain, teach, define, condemn, love, question, divide, unite, sell, counsel, judge, reconcile, war, worship, slander, and edify. People have influence and words have power.”

Enough said?

It “is“…


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