“Change begins with a whisper” — The Help

If a bird is flying for pleasure, it flies with the wind; but if it meets danger, it turns and faces the wind in order that it may fly higher.
Corrie ten Boom

This quote says a lot about the characters in the new film, The Help, where each of the female leads faced what frightened them most by facing their respective dangers head on and not retreating (even though they were scared to death.)

The Help (the movie that will break your heart, mend it, and break it again and again until the final credits roll) has one of the most powerful underlining themes and it’s so subtly understated, some might miss it.

Change begins with a whisper…”

And does it ever. Throughout this film (which is so multi-layered in its message, one viewing can’t begin to take it all in), the characters face prejudice, disrespect, abuse, rejection (from those they work for, live with, and love/hate.)

This movie isn’t simply about racial prejudice…it goes much deeper.

Watching people dismissing one another (and negating their value as individuals) is heart wrenching. But one can’t deny that everyone has done it.

Perhaps we don’t speak the words aloud, but we all nurse private prejudices within our heart regarding people who are different from ourselves. And once these misconceptions take root, it often takes a mighty storm in our own lives to uproot them once and for all.

While this film forces us to take a good, uncomfortable look at ourselves…it ultimately “helps us” too.

Watching others (even fictional others), give voice to their pain, and then watching them act in courageous ways to change their lives (or a relationship, family, community, or system), empowers everyone around them to do the same.

Listen carefully( and watch closely)…change always begins with a whisper…first in a person’s (heart and mind), then it works itself outward to change a life. Always.


One thought on ““Change begins with a whisper” — The Help

  1. Just saw the movie (The Help)…so inspiring and convicting. Not just about bigotry, but about being sincere, kind and caring to the people who surround us. Personal image is empty unless it is backed up by those qualities! Thanks for the review!

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