Riding Along with Mat Kearney (and Other Cultural Voices)

A few years’ back, I was riding in my car with my shoulder in a sling and my daughter (driving) put in a new cd she assured me I would love (because this daughter, like all my kids, tell me the same thing every time they get into my car).

Get some new music, Mom!”

To which, I promptly ignore their comments and turn the volume up…a little.

Why should I replace favorites (ones that have driven miles and miles and hours upon hours with me) …with some new tunes it’ll take me a while to become accustomed to and really love?

I think my kids are wrong…new isn’t always better. I like the familiarity of those lyrics that help me relax when I’m tired; encourage me when I’m down; and give me some perspective when I’ve lost mine.

But my daughter was right, the cd she popped into my stereo has become one of my favorites (and one of my favorite artists).

With his third album release, Young Love, Mat Kearney’s winning fans over left and right (young and old(er)…)alike.

If I were writing a music review of his first two releases, I’d give him five stars…the highest recommendation possible.

Why? Because Kearney’s a master storyteller. Even at his young age, he’s been able to identify and then capture the human struggle so accurately. Even more impressive is that Kearney’s lyrics draw listeners in…gives them lots to consider…then supplies some uplift.

This is tougher than it sounds…given Kearney songs deal with drugs…alcohol…fatal car accidents…abuse…loneliness…heartache…relationships gone bad…fear…it is no simple task to transform awful into an awful good life lesson. But he does it (well).

If you haven’t changed up your music lately, let me recommend to you —

Nothing Left to Lose Kearney’s 1st release


City of Black & White Kearney’s 2nd release

I’m ordering his 3rd release now. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Riding Along with Mat Kearney (and Other Cultural Voices)

    1. Sam….if you like Nothing Left to Lose, check out City of Black & White…very good. My kids are glad I’m finding new music too. 🙂

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