Hospital (ity) – A Home for Strangers

One of the best places to share a meal with a friend is the nationalized chain, Panera Bread. Where else can you order a crusty roll with soup; salad in a variety of delicious versions; or a sandwich on fresh-baked bread and slathered with all sorts of wonderful meats and cheeses?

Then, there’s the bakery side…orange scones…chocolate brownies…and bagels galore (again…with a variety of sumptuous toppings).

Next, there’s the assortment of coffee, tea, and other specialty drinks to choose from.

Perfect in itself. Perfect for sharing with a friend (eat in or take out).

Either way, where there’s good food and good friends, there’s the recipe for good hospitality. And hospitality isn’t confined to entertaining in one’s home.

It’s an attitude of the heart. It’s defined by offering someone the gift of “welcome” no matter where, no matter when.

It’s a gathering of friends (and strangers who become friends) around which lots of healing can take place.

Think of offering hospitality as a “hospital on the go“…you take it wherever you go.

I like how this author puts it…

The English word hospitality originates from the same Latin root as the word hospital. A hospital is literally a “home for strangers.” Of course, it has come to mean a place of healing. There is a link between being welcomed and being healed.” Skye Jethani


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