When You’re Just Getting — Your Just Desserts (Eating Humble Pie is Easier Than You May Think)

I’m a dessert lover. I’m a chocolate lover. Always have been, always will be.

On a recent trip, I had the delicious opportunity to relish a wonderful lunch at the eatery that creates this luscious dessert. Did I indulge and try it? Nope. Too full from the main course to even consider dessert.

Was that a mistake? Judging from this photo…it might have been. But I figure I can always try it the next time I visit this restaurant. So…mistake or not…it can be rectified.

Unlike choosing what to order for breakfast, lunch, or dinner…some mistakes are harder to swallow. Especially those blunders made at work.

While it’s never fun to have to eat humble pie for something we’ve done wrong, author Sonya Hamlin does have some more “palatable” recommendations to follow when being summoned.

First course – Face the problem.
Second course – Listen!
Third course – Think creatively about solutions.
Fourth course – Be open to what the other person needs and suggests.
Fifth course – Tell the truth about what’s gone wrong.
Sixth course – Embrace a constructive, positive outcome.

If you take these suggestions to heart, both you and your colleague will finish off the meeting without the proverbial pit in your stomach, bile in your throat, or churning in your gut.

Follow these six course offerings and everything will go down easier. 🙂


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