How Wild Is Your Dream?

When you’re “up North,” out in the woods and away from city life, things are wilder. They just are.

Living in “remote and less populated areas” means fewer restraints, fewer have-tos, and more situations where you better be aware of your surroundings and paying attention to what you might otherwise take for granted back home. The fainthearted be warned.

Because venturing out (in the wilds or in life) means encountering some unfriendly obstacles…

ATVs and cyclists darting out from the side paths…

Detours not on the map…

Ruts, stumps, ravines, sudden, sharp turns…taking you by surprise…

If you’re not careful, it’s easy to get sidetracked…then lost.

Same thing can happen with our dreams. We have to decide where we want to go before we can get started —

John Maxwell offers up ten questions to ask ourselves before committing to a new path…because he knows…dreams can be a dangerous path to take.

1. Is my dream really my dream?
2. Do I clearly see my dream?
3. Am I depending on factors within my control to achieve my dream?
4. Does my dream compel me to follow it?
5. Do I have a strategy to reach my dream?
6. Have I included the people I need to realize my dream?
7. Am I willing to pay the price for my dream?
8. Am I moving closer to my dream?
9. Does working toward my dream bring satisfaction?
10. Does my dream benefit others?

After each question, the author lists three sub-questions which bring even greater focus to determining how ready a person is to go after his goal.

Maxwell recommends this self-quiz to test the mental toughness to start and stick with the frequently rocky (and uphill) path to realizing the fulfillment of a dream.

One message he conveys throughout his work is this…

Dreams come a size too big so that we can grow into them.” Josie Bisset


2 thoughts on “How Wild Is Your Dream?

  1. I like the first question, but it’s a very difficult one to answer. Sometimes I think a dream is my own until I get into it and realize that it doesn’t bring me satisfaction or I’m not willing to make sacrifices to achieve it.

    Or perhaps it is my dream and I’m just lazy? 🙂

  2. Love John Maxwell’s ten questions. When you embrace your dream it really will propel you forward. If it isn’t your dream–it can become a dreaded struggle. Fantastic post!

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