My Weekly Coffee Date with Mike

It’s become a weekly habit. When the baby goes down for a nap, Mike Wazowski and I have a coffee date.

In the quiet of the kitchen, I can hear the Keurig machine brewing up a large-ish size cup of coffee in only seconds. Pour a little half and half and I’m settled in for some writing time with my favorite cup of comfort (in my favorite character’s mug). Perfect.

What could be better?

Well, I could drink water. Or, I could drink the coffee black. But that wouldn’t be as fun or memorable.

Sometimes a person has to indulge in small ways otherwise who can say……

B-I-N-G-E coming on?

Better some give and take with what we love to eat and drink than the all or nothing (then…too much of anything and everything) approach.

Habits are good things…necessary parts of our daily lives. Some we can tweak and it won’t hurt, others we best not neglect.

For a list of essential habits none of us can afford to mess with, read on.

Dr. Foetisch writes —

Everyone knows that habits are powerful forces that serve to make or break a person’s ability to live optimally through every stage of life. Whether a woman’s highest aim is to successfully manage her own business, run a marathon, or serve her community, she had better become a quick study of those habits that will aid in achieving her goals by fortifying body and soul. Aging comes to everyone, but no one ages in the same way, it really is up to each of us to do the best with what we’ve been given. To start…and finish well…make a mental note to habitually remind yourself to put the following recommendations into practice.

Habits of Self-Control that Give You Control

Walk or exercise several times weekly.

Statistic: With 1440 minutes in every day, allotting 30 minutes to exercise is a small investment that reaps high gains.

Take calcium with Vitamin D supplements daily.

Statistic: Women should take 1500 mgs of Calcium and 800 mgs of Vitamin D supplements per day to help prevent osteoporosis.

Do not smoke.

Statistic: Approximately 23 million (that’s 23 percent of the female population) of American women still smoke cigarettes despite the widely known risk factors for developing cancer.

Get adequate sleep.

Statistic: Most women need between seven and eight hours per night. Sound, restful slumber can be negatively affected by; certain medications, illness, hormones, stress, poor sleep habits, and depression.

Eat a well-balanced diet.

Statistic: Translates into eating breakfast every day. Eating several meals a day. Eating from all the food groups each day.

Drink plenty of water.

Statistic: In general, women require approximately eight 8-ounce glasses of water every day, remembering that needs can vary according to fluctuations in exercise, environment, and illness/heath conditions.


4 thoughts on “My Weekly Coffee Date with Mike

  1. okay, I confess, I’ve not stopped by in a while so I have to ask…who’s Mike Wazowski? Man! I want a coffee! I’ve given up milk and sugar…but, I’m going to have a latte tomorrow!

    1. Suzanne!!!! Welcome. 🙂 Mike W. is one of the main characters in Monsters Inc., …a Pixar film, I believe??? Watched it with my kids some years’ ago. 🙂 And I’m having my coffee with real cream today…

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