Feeling Pulled in Every Direction? (With a Little Help from Your Friends)

This photo gives new meaning to that old phrase, “I’m feeling pulled in every direction!

Unlike this comical visual of good friends who are just having a good time (not at the expense of each other) but because they truly care for one another; choosing friends is serious business.

The truth is we become like those with whom we voluntarily choose to walk through life. Our friends and their choices help to make and mold us. We listen to them. We observe how they handle difficult moments (and how they weather even harder seasons of life). We learn from them often without even being conscious of it.

And, we frequently start mirroring their thoughts, attitudes, and actions in ways we’re often not even aware of — but others are.

Selecting friends is serious business and the same care we extend to teaching our kids to “be careful” as they enter into new friendships, so should we all.

Life Coach/Counselor Sarah Halsey shares some excellent traits to look for in friends who won’t be pulling you in every direction — only the right ones.

What makes a good friend?

Do you sometimes wish people had a sign on them that reads: “I would make a great friend!” or “Stay away, I will stab you in the back?”

Wouldn’t that make it so much easier to choose friends?

Well, actually, your friends will tell you who they really are, if you will just listen AND believe them. Your friends tell you without saying a word.

You need to “listen” with your eyes. Yes, observe your new friends and take note: How do they treat other people? How do they treat their family members? How do they talk about other people when they are with you?

The simple truth is this: The way they treat other people, will eventually be the way they treat you.

If they are judgmental and mean to others, that is the future of your relationship. Do they want the best for their friends or are they jealous and talk behind their backs? Do they routinely lie and cheat?

I am not suggesting you dump friends because of occasional bad behavior. However, a pattern of behaviors, over a period of time will reveal the heart of your friend.

Good or bad heart behaviors will eventually target you! Choose wisely.

A good friend is loyal, listens, is willing to challenge you when you are going the wrong way, speaks the truth and is protective of you.

Take a good look at your friends………. have you chosen wisely?


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