iPause – Do You?

Lifestyle diseases – what are they? Simply put, lifestyle diseases are those diseases caused by the way in which we live our life. Perhaps lifestyle disease is communicable. You catch it through prosperity.”

Will Samson in Enough: Contentment in an Age of Excess

Every morning I open up my inbox(es) and read several different commentaries by my favorite writers. A few days ago, one of these authors used the term, “iPause” and how important it is to stop, pause, be still.

I read this essay fast and got moving on to my next task, but I couldn’t shake the message that I couldn’t seem to stop, let alone pause and be still? not without all this internal dialogue going on. I felt confined and hemmed in by my own choices.

Then, I had a day alone…didn’t talk to one person…and what I discovered made me sort of heart-sick. It took me almost an entire day to “be still” inside. The good news is that being alone forces you to think about things (and think things through) that you might otherwise not force yourself to do on a busy day.

So all by myself, iPaused. I stepped back and did my own little version of iPause-ing….and it helped me regain some perspective, narrow down some goals, and rethink some responsibilities.

Just like this author suggested…when “I” Pause…it’s a good thing. A freeing step to an otherwise self-confining existance.

And if I can pause, so can you. 🙂

A few iPause thoughts from our book…Burdens Do a Body Good.

Setting the Standard: Recognize how the culture
affects and impacts every buying decision you make.
From the time you get up in the morning until you
lay your head down at night; you are constantly bombarded
with the media’s influences persuading you
that no matter what your income level, your standard
of living isn’t enough. Remedy: Recognize you’re not
immune to society’s influence.

At Home: Develop a long-term plan for better financial,
relational, and physical health. Look around your
home and ruthlessly get rid of what you don’t use. Do
a mental inventory of your key relationships and honestly
assess which are healthy and which are not and
be willing to remove yourself from them or do the hard
work of changing the dynamics. Take a look at your
physical state and take the first steps toward better
health by decreasing your input and increasing your
output. Remedy: Consume less and give more across
every area of your life.

Out and About: With fresh eyes, purposefully look
with intent to see the world around you as would a foreigner
from a Third World country. Be alert to excess in
its endless forms, be aware of material waste of every
type, and be willing to say no to yourself, so that you
can say yes to the needs of others. Remedy: Become
the most creative (contented) consumerist you know.


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