Whatever Your Destination — Travel Tips for Staying Healthy Stay the Same

I like to travel. I like to anticipate what I’ll experience when I arrive.

New places. New people. New tastes, sights, and smells.

Love the whole “new” experience.

I also like to ensure I’ll be healthy wherever my foot steps…and that takes a special kind of planning.

Any trip takes a good amount of preparation, but there’s an equally important pre-trip planning that should take place before every trip we take — and that’s planning to travel healthy.

If you’re not sure what that type of planning looks like, read on for specific recommendations offered by a physician who understands how making wise medical decisions while on vacation is just part of taking care of yourself (and your family).

Dr. Foetisch writes —

When planning a trip away from home, the last thing a vacationer wants to contemplate is the possibility of becoming ill while away. By making a few in advance preparations, anyone can help to ensure their vacation will be optimally healthy and safe. Read below to be certain you’ve prepared a wellness “check list” for travels in the States and overseas.

Before you go:

• Take a list of all medications and known allergies.

• Include your primary care physician and pharmacy phone numbers.

• Keep all medications packed in your carry-on, not in checked luggage.

• If traveling for an extended time, be sure to bring a refill.

During travel:

• If you or a family member becomes ill, contact the hotel concierge or someone you know locally to find out where to go for medical care.

• A referral increases the odds of getting optimal treatment. Don’t simply go to the nearest (or most convenient) clinic or urgent care facility.

Special considerations:

• Those individuals prone to illness should consider travel health insurance before leaving.

• Medical evacuation insurance is particularly helpful for overseas travel and can be purchased for a reasonable fee.

• Refer to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention travel site for specific information/warnings regarding the country you are intending to visit.

Final Word:

Despite what we read in the news, the United States does have the best medical care in the world. So given the option, do your best to get back home to be treated. As the old saying goes, “There is no place like home” truly applies to health care.


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